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paperlessproofs are green proofs

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paperlessproofs are greenproofs
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Leila Cruickshank, Production Editor, Luath Press


Using paperlessproofs can reduce your
carbon footprint and reduce waste in the
proofing process


  • paper and trees
  • fuel required during delivery, reducing pollution and carbon emissions
  • electrical energy when photocopying/printing
  • ink, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals

Did you know that the proofing process for a 256pp A4 textbook uses:

  • 1/4 of an average-size tree in paper production
  • 1.5 litres of diesel used in delivering the proofs
  • 1kW in energy to photocopy/print the proofs
  • And will emit 4 kg of CO2 .
Figures are calculated using data from:,,, and (accessed June 2008).


During all of the stages of the proofing process for a book of 256 electronic pages paperlessproofs uses only 8 kWh of electricity

(based on running a PC for 160 hours).

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