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"Paperlessproofs make correcting files onscreen so much easier."

José Dent, typesetter.


paperlessproofs are easy and intuitive to use;
if you are familiar with proof-correction marks
you will be up and running in a few minutes

There are just a few simple steps to start using paperlessproofs:

  1. Open the paperlessproof in Adobe Reader.
  2. The symbol and tool box appear.
  3. Click and drop the symbols to indicate corrections.
  4. Use the tool box to insert text, draw lines, highlight, and attach word and picture files as needed.
  5. Save the corrected proof and return by email.

Tool descriptions appear when you move the cursor over each symbol.

Comprehensive paperlessproofs guides on how to use the symbol and tool box are available to be downloaded. If you are new to proof correction, download our full guides to marking corrections and how each symbol should be used.

Watch our online demonstration to see just how easy paperlessproofs really are.

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