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paperlessproofs ensure accuracy

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"Removal of the problem of the proofreader’s unclear writing is a definite boon."

Gillian Clarke, author of Basic Proofreading by Distance Learning


Increase the accuracy of proofreading and the
implementation of corrections with clear, unambiguously
marked proofs

paperlessproofs' unique features ensure that proofs are clear, neat, tidy and unambiguous:

  • clear typed text – no more messy or illegible handwriting
  • standard proof-correction symbols that are understood by professional proofreaders and typesetters
  • text can be cut and pasted into paperlessproofs from other programs, removing keying errors
  • Adobe Reader search tools allow speedy location of inconsistencies and problem text
  • marks clearly identify who made each correction
  • support guides for first-time users and those unfamiliar with proof-correction symbols.

Compare for yourself: a hand-corrected paper proof vs. paperlessproofs.

View a page of paperlessproofs corrections and a page of hand-written corrections

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