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Getting started

Getting started
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"I was very impressed with how quickly I was able to read about what was to me a totally new concept, and put it into use."

Gary Hill, reader.


paperlessproofs software is free and available to download

Using paperlessproofs for the first time?

You will need

If you don't have Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat (version 7 or higher) already installed on your computer, download and install it.

Download and install the paperlessproof plug-in.

Open the paperlessproof and start marking corrections.

Creating a paperlessproofs for the first time?

There are three options for turning ordinary PDF into paperlesproofs.

  • For occasional or one-off projects, create a paperlessproof online.
  • For regular use, create paperlessproofs on your own PC (requires Acrobat Professional).
  • For heavy users, open a corporate account and benefit from volume discounts.
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