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Our charges are for each PDF page converted into a paperlessproof

With paperlessproofs you only pay a low charge for the conversion of PDFs on a pay-as-you-go basis. There are no upfront software licences or fees and no commitment to a set level of usage.

The only charges are for the conversion of each PDF; if you need to send a proof to several readers simultaneously, or send the proof to a succession of readers one after the other, you still pay only for the conversion of the original PDF and can distribute as many copies of the paperlessproofs as necessary.

Example: a 256-page book

  1. First proofs will be sent to a proofreader and each of two co-authors. The proofreader will then collate the corrections with her own and return the proof to the publisher for review and forwarding to the typesetter.
  2. Revised proofs are sent to the reader for checking, and the reader returns the proof to the publisher for approval and forwarding to the typesetter.
  3. Final proofs are sent to the publisher for final approval.
paperlessproof charges:    
First proofs 256 pages @ £0.15
Revised proofs 256 pages @ £0.15
Final proofs (if needed) 256 pages @ £0.15

See our 'Save money' page for details on how you can save one-third of your proof costs by using paperlessproofs.

Our three payment packages are designed to accommodate the workload of our different users.

  • If you occasionally process documents and do not have Adobe Professional or are working on a Mac, you can buy a one-off paperlessproof online.

  • If you need to regularly create paperlessproofs, and have Adobe Professional, you should choose our Create paperlessproofs on your PCoption.

  • If you are a a heavy user and manage an even larger workload, open a corporate account .

Prices are indicated in the table below.





Create paperlessproofs on your PC
1–1000 pages

(High-volume user discount)




Create paperlessproofs online
(minimum 64 pages)




Corporate account

Negotiable depending
on volume

*VAT and/or sales tax not included.

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