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Our team has a wealth of experience in the publishing industry, its software and in proof correction

paperlessproofs was founded by Kenneth Cowan, John Hodgson and Barbara Horn in response to the need for an electronic publishing workflow, without losing the ease and clarity of the standard proof-correction process. They are proud that paperlessproofs is cheaper, quicker and more accurate than paper-based proof correction whilst making a worthy contribution to saving the environment.

Kenneth Cowan is an independent print and publishing consultant. He has spent many years managing book production for publishers and printers. He has his own consultancy providing production management and seminars for publishers, and provides textbook quality assessment systems in the developing world. Kenneth also works with the International Standards Organisation on Graphic Technology.

John Hodgson has worked in publishing for 25 years specialising in text management, manipulation and repurposing, and the development of software to support the publishing process. He has wide experience in database implementation in a publishing context and was lead developer in producing paperlessproofs' unique software.

Barbara Horn is a highly experienced editorial consultant and project manager, has run editorial training courses around the world, and is the author of training manuals and distance-learning courses. She has been involved in the development and promotion of the National Occupational Standards in Publishing, is a member of the BSI Committee on Graphic Technology, and is convenor of the working group on terminology within the ISO Committee on Graphic Technology.

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